It seems Atheists do have a faith in the intangible after all!
    Atheists and Christians have a lot in common they in fact parallel each other.

    You see the well known fact is 60 percent of Scientists and Astrophysicists are Atheists. Here is a thought experiment, would these same Atheist persist for 60 years searching for a non existent God? Would they invest billions of dollars in scientific equipment on Earth, in Space , field an army of man power, use vast resources, spend thousands of hrs in time for data research results, and when they came up with absolutely not one single minuscular hard piece of evidence after 60 years vested, decide that they just have not tried hard enough and now its time to get serious after immortalizing the greatest endeavor in human history in their search for a God ? Unfortunately they unwittingly already have accomplished just that !

      These Atheists who adamantly deny God based on a lack of any solid evidence are looking very hard for something to fill that void. They desire evidence for the intangible space aliens. The more we know about the universe the more we know that we are indeed ALONE. The culmination of 60 years of evidence overwhelmingly proves NO ETs.
   The continued search for space aliens is now a complete and total act of faith by a majority of Atheists Scientists who are in fact searching for a space alien messiah to worship. So you see Faith is just Gods way of saving a whole lot of time,money, resources, and distraction from the true human experience.

   Just imagine if all of that 60 years wasted went into solving world hunger or environmental issues surely mankind and Earth would be exponentially better off. The smartest men and women in the world believe in space aliens Stephen Hawkins did,Carl Seagan did, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku does,  all the best of the best Atheists have a hole in their soul a yearning to believe, distracted and possessed by a faith stronger than most Christians exhibit, a form of space alien insanity always seeking, searching,hoping, and finding nothing in the Great Cosmos.

These atheists believe in science yet deny the huge scientific flaws in their theories based on faith. One example of this is the Big Bang Theory. This theory is invalid at it's most basic core principle. The matter-antimatter Asymmetry problem. Matter and Antimatter annihilate each other leaving only energy behind. Nothing should exist by the laws of science. The universe should be a dark black void of nothing. The Big Bang should have created equal amounts of Matter and Antimatter annihilating one another in a burst of light ! CERN is now looking for and having faith in "some unknown mechanism" that controlled this process thus leaving an abundance of matter behind.  

The age of the universe also has a big problem some stars are older than the universe. The oldest one of these is HD 140283 now coined the "Methuselah Star". In all the universe this Methuselah Star is located within our own Milky Way Galaxy! What are the chance odds of that? Out of the estimated 100 billion to 200 billion galaxies, our galaxy is host to the universe's oldest living star! A 1 in 100,000,000,000 chance! This Methuselah Star is dated older than the universe by almost one billion years, so how do astrophysicists explain that one? Well with faith and not science! 
"The most likely explanations for the paradox are some overlooked observational effect and/or something big missing from our understanding of the dynamics of the cosmic expansion," After years of pushing the numbers for this ancient star to fit within the confines of the birth of the universe, a recent 2019 study has shown the age of the universe to be "no greater than 12.7 billion years". That Methuselah Star is a real pain in the keister for science!

"It's a mismatch that suggests, once again, that HD 140283 is older than the universe".

"Jee's team came up with a Hubble Constant of 82.4, which would put the age of the universe at around 11.4 billion years."

"A 2019 study published in the Journal of Science proposed a Hubble Constant of 82.4 — suggesting that the universe's age is only 11.4 billion years". Astrophysicists and cosmologists believe the answers lie in greater refinement of well established scientific findings blaming each other for the unresolved and unsoluble calculations.  "I suspect that the observational cosmologists have missed something that creates this paradox, rather than the stellar astrophysicists," he said, pointing to the measurements of the stars being perhaps more accurate ."

   So you see as Christians when it comes to Et we are like the Atheist, to us the complex space alien does NOT exist (scripture says so and science). We are both Atheists by the very definition of the word and yet we are also both a religion of believers who have faith in the invisible, a desire to fill our soul with something. One believer says;
"A INTELLIGENT LIVING GOD does exist and the hypothetical space aliens do not!" and the other believer says "INTELLIGENT LIVING SPACE ALIENS exist and not a hypothetical god !"

What you believe in is what you worship!
Let us all stop and take a moment to ponder that Revelation.

  Please let this sink in.  God made us all three part beings. Body, Mind, and Soul. Each part has its own needs but the foundation of all three is the soul. The soul needs to believe in something. What you believe in controls the mind and the mind controls the body. The most important decision you can make in your life is what you choose to believe in.