Down to Earth Ufo sighting Explanations.

Common sense is like gravity.

They both can keep you grounded on Earth ! What is responsible for all of our modern day technological wonders?

The first turbo Jet Aircraft was invented 81 years ago in 1939. The source of this innovation is not from backwards engineered alien technology but the power of the human mind to explore and imagine. The first programmable computer was,  "The Z1 it was created by German Konrad Zuse in his parents' living room between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electromechanical binary programmable computer, and the first really functional modern computer." Modern day technology is not rooted from crashed ufo. Historical facts of inovation before 1947 show this to be true !

.God given abilities of imagination, creativity, and thought processing has blessed mankind with all of our modern day technologies. We have the free will to make, create, decide for ourselves. Use of such advancements for good or evil is our choice. A constant battle exists in every individual between those forces. A precarious balance of right and wrong with spiritual motivations of the soul effecting our very destiny.

 Below are some facts that are omitted from ufology. Censored because investigators have so much of their soul vested in a belief that any evidence to the contrary is ignored. Facts of a religious nature are ignored. Down to Earth Facts that dispute a belief in ufo sightings being from outer space are also ignored.

   The famous Phoenix lights. This was actually two sighting events.  The more famous being a super massive Triangle ufo over Phoenix that was reported to be the size of a city and only could have originated from outer space, ...well watch the video and forget the hype.
  To bad none of these "scientific ufo researchers" let the public in on this proven and solved down to Earth explanation. The main stream media has never presented this to the public either.
   The other Phoenix lights sighting was most likely a triangle stealth blimp of which is highly classified and no images can be shown. You can with minimal research online see for yourself.
   Our best Aircraft are Top Secret for good reason and many ufo sightings are of those Aircraft. Many Sightings in the 1940s to present day are of classified man made Aircraft. I know where is the entertainment value in that ?
   The sighting that started it all. Kenneth holds a drawing of what he saw. This ufo sighting was the first one that the press took hold of. History has labeled this sighting as "the beginning of the ufo age". The publicity was massive for the time.

  Sighting occurred after the end of WW II Kenneth Arnold's sighting June 24, 1947.This was the event that got the publicity and the ufo came of age.
  The Horton 229 German stealth bomber. It was designed during WW II at a Top Secret German installation. American soldiers captured that facility near the end of WW II. America got some prototypes. Its flight would be as a rock skipping over water due to the jet system. The Horton 229 was meant to thrust and than glide to lower sound, increase stealth, and conserve fuel for range. We got it. We kept it secret. We tested and perfected it.This is what Kenneth saw.
Great documentary on engineers from Northrop Grumman building and testing the 1945 Nazi Horton 229 and its stealth capability results. Flat out tells you we got some after WW II.
 Germany was also developing saucer technologies.German saucers ended up in the USA along with the Nazi scientists who created them. Wow sounds crazy right? If you start digging the subject becomes very creditable with lots of books written and well researched. To this day still classified Secret.
This book reveals that Foo Fighter sightings in WW II where in fact "Fuerball" a remote control turbojet powered Anti Aircraft disc, Homing in on enemy exhaust to release a emp burst in a attempt to kill the engines. Ineffective but physiologically useful.
Photograph reported to be taken in German occupied territory during WW II near a secret military facility.
The Nikola Tesla of natural vortex. He conversed with Adolf Hitler in 1934. When Nazi Germany entered Austria Victor was forced to work on jet engine turbine, submarine propulsion, and saucer technologies by the German SS.
   A famous ufo sighting near Circleville Ohio The Bruce Stevenson sighting. One little known fact of this sighting is the fact that at the time of this sighting the active "Thomas Airport" managed by Robert Swift was only about a thousand yards away. Mr. Stevenson tells us in his own words that. "One detail in connection with the silver bottom section I noticed very clearly. There was something whirling around the bottom section, sort of like a big propeller or a series of propellers might do. The movement was clear, the bottom part did not turn. Something kept whirling around the whole thing," he told the Circleville Herald. This encounter has been well researched by the local organization RUFOS. One hidden fact on this ufo incident is that the same time of this encounter Feb. 1, 1948 Pickaway County was starting the ground work on its first Institution of higher learning.  The local  Mount of Praise Bible School was ordained to be formed  to educate Christian students. Mount of Praise Bible School opened its doors in October 1948. The name was than changed to The Circleville Bible College and currently is Ohio Christian University. This is important because many ufo encounters coincide with religious events of importance. This is true on the local level and it goes on into the state level, the national level and the world stage level.

   So what did Bruce Stevenson see? A ship from outer space? A ship made here on Earth(object went in direction of wright patterson Airforce base NorthWest) ? A demonic form of deception to counter God's work? There is always more than one possible explanation. Lastly on this event if you take the roads where the ufo sighting occurred they form a triangle. They are St Rt 56, US 22, and St Rt 104. Add them all up and divide by 3 you get 60.666666666. That numerical pattern in ufo sightings also repeats its self. Those geometric Locations have a higher percentage of ufo sightings connected to that pattern.
   Ufo sightings increase and coincide with religious events as if something is trying to counter the efforts of the Christian community. Trust me this information is very much censored ! Please take the time to read this in depth research article on ufo spikes and their connection to Christian events and prophecy.

Google Street view ufo News hype. This proven lens flare was all over the news being reported as a real physical object in the sky.
Here you can plainly see this is a lens flare yet the media never Aired a report revealing to the public that it was proven to be a lens flare.

Below here we have declassified documents and facts. The United States has been working on disc aircraft and saucer technology since the 1940s. Some projects are no longer classified as Top Secret. Some saucer aircraft are very much man made.
  United States Plans for a Nuclear powered space worthy saucer capable of launching a Nuclear attack from orbit. Could explain decades of sightings !
   Declassified Project 1974    Reported to be a complete flying saucer failure by those involved.This project 1974 actually was the forefather of hover jets like the British Harrier Jet.
  The testing of the Avrocar help discover that a moveable jet nozzle was the solution to wasted energy.
 If the materials and knowledge of today where available in the 1950s this project would have never been Declassified.
During the Cold War Britain Patented A Flying Saucer. On March 21, 1973, the British Patent Office issued Patent No. 1,310,990 Many countries of the world have and continue research in saucer technologies.

What are the odds of some classified success?

Artist's Conception: X-43A

NASA Experimental craft "reaching hypersonic speeds above Mach 9.6, or about 6,800 mph, in the final flight of the X-43A project. Both flights set world airspeed records for an aircraft powered by an air-breathing engine, "
 The United States NASA has been working on Nuclear powered rockets and saucers for decades. Since the 60s. The first Jet Engine was invented 80 years ago in 1939 Just imagine what is Top Secret now !

"In 1961, NASA and the former Atomic Energy Commission jointly embarked on the Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application (NERVA) program – an effort that over several years led to the design, building, and testing of reactors and rocket engines". Do you really think we ever stopped the research? What do we currently have?
More pictures, concept work, and RC video of saucer type test Aircarft over the years. I hope by now that it is plain to see man has been and still is working hard to develop and perfect saucer type designs(80yrs). 
The saucer design makes for a very quick lift off. Landing is just as quick. Handling is impressive.Speed is increased.Ceiling height is increased. Able to almost hover in the air. The ones with jet engines and other tech are not for our eyes. Been around since 1936 .
 Prof. Roy received his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in the Engineering Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His current research interests include design and development of plasma based flow control devices.
NASA Jumps at Patent for Plasma-Powered UFO Technology
An aerial vehicle that uses electromagnetic propulsion to generate lift and forward thrust
 Subrata Roy was making a prototype of a mini advanced flying saucer. Check out his patents on a new saucer power source. 
Researchers at the University of Florida has invented "a UAV that is superior to plane-style, helicopter-style and bird/insect-style flyers. Less than six inches in diameter, the UAV is powered by a system that employs electricity and magnetism for propulsion".​​​​​​​