1. Extraterrestrial Life & ASTROPHYSICS.
  Credit for image NASA.gov - Earth orbits the Sun at around 67,000 mph. Our Solar System orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at a velocity of about 536,865 mph and at a rough distance of 158,722,900,000,000 Quadrillion miles from the galactic core.  Earth spins on its Axis at an additional 1000 mph !

Slightly exaggerated impression of the real shape of our warped and twisted Milky Way. Image: Xiaodian Chen (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Our Milky Way Galaxy size comparison next to the average size galaxy M74. The star named SOL is our Sun it is located in a outer spiral Arm called the Orion Spur. The Orion Spur is located about two thirds the way out from the center of our galaxy.


  We are located in a unusual Galaxy in both structure and size. Only 10 percent of all Galaxies in the Universe are our size or larger. The Milky Way is approximately 13.5 billion years old. Our Solar System is in a perfect position on a outer spiral arm (orion spur) within the Milky Way Galaxy. Distance from the center is key for survival. Enormous Gamma Ray Explosions and a Massive Black Hole lurks within the harsh core of our Galaxy.

   Our unique solar system is like a huge grandfather clock of divine perpetual motion. Planets and their moons unchanging in orbits for millenniums. Jupiter and Saturn endure comet strikes that would obliterate Earth. Their gravity pulls dangerous space projectiles away from Earth like a protective mother and father. 

    We thrive on just the right size planet with a perfect rotation balance of day and night. In a gracious orbit of precise speed and distance around a life supporting ever constant Sun.

  Our Moon "Luna" has taken more than its fair share of impacts. Luna is tidally locked in our orbit stabilizing Earth's tilt and rotation from excessive wobble that would otherwise cause temperature and weather chaos. Without our distinctive Moon, Earth could not support life.

   The atmosphere of Earth is a perfect mix of elements, density, and thickness. A thin but powerful ozone layer filters out harmful ultra violet radiation. 

   We have Hi Tech Star Trek like shields emitting naturally from our planets core by a complex geo thermal process we still do not fully understand. This strong magnetic field is protecting our atmosphere and us from cosmic radiation,solar winds, and charged particles. Earths magnetic field is an invisible force field without it we would cease to exist.

    All this beautiful balance, intricacy, life, and Cosmic good fortune is here by some chance of random luck originating 13.8 billion years ago from the Big Bang Theory.  No need to Gamble you have already won the astronomically impossible Universe lottery of life. 
So the real question is.
How many Universe of Life Winners exist? 
   Why are The Fermi Paradox (no sign of ET in space found yet) and the Drake Equation (theory of 10,000 worlds with alien life in our Milkyway Galaxy) such a vast contrast ?

   "A new study of gamma-ray burst frequency estimates has eliminated  the possibility of life on other planets."

    The Most powerful and destructive explosions in the universe are Gamma Ray Explosions , second only to the Big Bang explosion !


Hunt for the Death Star

" gamma ray bursts, destructive explosions in space that can wipe out entire star systems and happen thousands of times a day."


Amazon Prime  "Hunt for the Death Star" Gamma ray bursts, destructive explosions in space that can wipe out entire star systems. The sterilization of the Universe.

NETFLIX "The Real Death Star"must watch!  Best Documentary on Gamma Ray Bursts and their effects on the probability of the existence of complex life forms in the Universe.

NASA Swift space telescope. This will show you visually why complex life is next to impossible in the Universe. Time elapse of 500 strong GRB over 6 years.


"Gamma-ray photons have the highest energy in the EMR spectrum and their waves have the shortest wavelength. The high energy of gamma rays enables them to pass through many kinds of materials, including human tissue. Very dense materials, such as lead, are commonly used as shielding to slow or stop gamma rays." Gamma Rays break DNA down on the molecular level sterilizing the exposed living organism. On Earth we utilize gamma rays for sterilizing medical products of biological organisms. Other uses include sterilizing food, mail, and radiation therapy of cancer.

Credit www.arpansa.gov.au

Complex life possible in only 10% of all galaxies in the Universe and only the stars located on a outer spiral arm within that 10% due to GRBs.

Cornell University On the role of GRBs on life extinction in the Universe


ScienceNews.org Details on revised probability of complex life in Universe. Near  0 percent chance for complex life!  Study completed by Israeli and Spanish Astrophysicists.

NASA website on system WR-104 and the lethal range of a potential Gamma Ray burst. Earth is looking right down the barrel of this Event. When and if this happens if will effect life on planet Earth !


There are at least 76 factors needed for a planet like Earth to form and produce life. The biggest factor is to evade being obliterated by a Gamma Ray Burst. To date no Gamma Ray Burst has been detected  in our own Milky Way Galaxy. 

No weapon conceived by man in non fiction or fiction can compare to the destructive energy released by a Gamma Ray Burst. The greatest weapon contrived within the minds of the talented writers of Star Wars  "The Star Wars Death Star" is insignificant in comparison. Even the Star Wars "StarKiller Base" is a feeble attempt in the mind of man's imagination when compared to what is reality in our vast and awesome Universe. Take all the energy released by our Sun over its entire 5 billion year life to date and compress all that energy into a 10 second event and you still do not have the destructive power of one single Gamma Ray Burst.

Why is this not common knowledge? 
The United States Government did not go public about GRB . In 1961 the Frank Drake Equation was formulated before the GRB were known.  The GRB where first discovered IN THE LATE 60S. These super massive explosions were classified as top secret and withheld from the public for years! 

    The Universe has its own Sterilization Mechanism in place. This new Drake formula equates into a 5% chance of complex Extraterrestrial life existing in the Universe due to the sterilization effects of countless Gamma Ray Bursts over at least 7.5 billion years. Even a smaller chance of two complex life form civilizations forming within the same Galaxy that is now below a 1%. The lethal range of a GRB is 8,000 light years! The width of a GRB beam is 100 light years in diameter enough to encompass our entire solar system.

     WR-104 Wolf-Rayet Star  we have been blessed and protected from such a cataclysmic Gamma Ray Burst to date in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Unfortunately Earth's luck may be running out. Earth is actually right in the sights and range of a possible Gamma Ray Burst!

   If one seeking the truth on what is behind the UFO phenomenon is unwilling to learn of factual proven Science and its implications than is the truth really being sought out or just what fits a predetermined belief. Astrophysics, Science, & Biology all eliminate the probability of ETs. So if Extraterrestrials are now a near impossible explanation behind the UFO sightings,  what is the true source?


No technology, no matter how advanced could  appear  to defy physics and the laws of this universe on such a outrageously over the top scale.  Are we watching a UFO grandiose performance of some type?  

UFO are reported to instantaneously  teleport   across the sky, pass through  solid objects,  disappear  into the ground at incredible speeds, multiply  out of nothing , enter into the water with no or minimal disturbance, manipulate the light spectrum going partially or totally invisible ,  and  morph their shape  while in flight. Ufo do all this without a trace of heat. The Ufo do however show up on radar, but just as many occurrences reveal no radar image. The United States Navy and the United States government are now moving away from the term UFO this move is away from the Extraterrestrial implication and towards the unnatural abilities of UAP "Unidentified Ariel Phenomena" . 

UAP exhibit workings more akin with the paranormal, magical slight of hand, and the Super Natural.

One question that we never ask is this,  you have a object and it accelerates from 0 to super sonic Mach speeds in seconds. So what's missing? Where is the Sonic Boom that should occur at Mach 1? NASA has been trying to reduce the Sonic Boom by means of redirection and much higher altitudes but it cannot be eliminated. The Sonic boom can not be avoided it is the air pressure building up in front of the object until BOOM. To the best of my knowledge, No pilot ,military, no  creditable  UAP sighting video, no creditable source ever reported hearing  UAP making  a sonic boom. In fact creditable insiders in the  Pentagon  recently confirmed that UAP do not  make a sonic boom.  A ghost like object, a paranormal manifestation of some type, maybe a 3d Hologram could do this.  By this I mean APPEAR  to ignore the laws of this Universe. No technology could get around the Sonic Boom no matter how far advanced . Even a gravity field would still effect the surrounding air volume. There is no escaping the Sonic Boom in Physics or Science but the Sonic Boom easily  escapes our common sense when it comes to Unidentified Ariel Phenomena.

The US Navy has recently released and confirmed Infrared video of UAP. This Infrared video shows the UAP to be cold ( the ambient temperature that day was 12 degrees F). The UAP filmed where near 0 degrees F.
Paranormal manifestations and activity also appear in Infrared as cold.

Are UAP objects Inter Dimensional , Paranormal ,Time Travelers , or something much more sinister ?

Which of these tasks is easier to accomplish? Fool someone or convince someone that they have been fooled?

Please take the time to visit here and explore the links to external websites and videos. There are many such facts and data here and out there to help those who want to know more ! This website is merely attempting to gather this difficult to find scientific and factual information in a central location. 

Data on APEP found in 2018. Universes most powerful bomb a Gamma Ray Burst could go off sending a lethal laser blast past Earth.
Howard A. Smith a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "We seem to be cosmically special, perhaps even unique — at least as far as we are likely to know for eons.

    NASA's old Exoplanet hunting space telescope Keepler is down and out. Dead in orbit Oct  2018. The new one TESS is now operational. As of 2018 3,730 exoplanets have been found, of that 3,730 only 53 have made the grade to be considered as remotely possible of harboring life. Pick number one and two of those 53 are a joke! There are no planets in the 3,730 worth a mention if the top two are this bad !
Number one is Proxima b, near the size of Earth, orbiting in the habitable zone—and by happenstance our closest exoplanet.
Yet deadly radiation from ferocious stellar flares have bombarded the alien world for perhaps billions of years, possibly obliterating its atmosphere.
A lot of issues,” Mendez admits. “But it’s the best candidate we have so far.
Number two is TRAPPIST-1e, one of seven cramped worlds around a dim star more than 200 trillion miles away.
Although rocky, TRAPPIST-1e might contain more water than all the oceans of Earth combined, up to 250 times more.
But the planet, along with its six companions, is tidally-locked. Half of TRAPPIST-1e forever faces its star; the other side remains in darkness. No way any of these exo planets could support even microbial life much less intelligent life ! Here you can look at each exo planet's qualities in the NASA catalog system. Currently as of Feb, 2019 there are none of the 3,916 exo planets capable of life . 0
Old Exo planet pick number one Proxima b is now Gone  along with any plans to investigate it! Its host star blasted the planet with a massive solar flare. The new number one candidate for life has been chosen its called Exo Planet K2-18b. K2-18b is not a good choice for life but it has shown signs of water. It takes a lot more than two factors for life.  In fact 70 plus factors are needed!

The new number one candidate for life has been chosen its called Exo Planet K2-18b. What they are not telling us is............. K2-18b has a very close habitable zone orbit due to the low light of its host star. K2-18b is in a  33 day orbit (year) around a young and unstable Red dwarf star. One side most likely always faces its sun (no rotation), Chances are it will be bombarded by a massive solar flare in the near future and has been in the past.

How rare is our Solar System? The Mechanics and stable orbits of our solar system defy the norm. Our single sun (Sol system) looks perfect in this computer generated video of 1,705 worlds in crazy orbits around 685 distant stars. All discovered by the Kepler exo planet Telescope. NASA website.Kepler Orrery IV Copyright: Ethan Kruse (University of Washington)

Kepler Orrery IV Video Credit & Copyright: Ethan Kruse (University of Washington) Great video of just how unique and one of a kind our Solar System is !
  Recent study eliminates prior Habitable zone of orbit for a planet by 66 %!
   Schwieterman said that "showing how rare and special our planet is only enhances the case for protecting it. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet in the universe that can sustain human life.
  "But we can say that it is becoming increasingly likely that the percentage of exoplanets that could support complex life as we know it is very small indeed." https://astrobiology.nasa.gov/news/exoplanets-with-complex-life-may-be-very-rare-even-in-their-habitable-zones/
Due to the exhaustive efforts of searching 60 yrs for ET and coming up with 0 results via conventional thinking. The best and brightest of Mankind are now thinking un-conventional and searching for space alien Mega-Structure Dyson Spheres.

Using a satellite called Gaia, ESA Scientists are looking for dimming or slowly disappearing stars surrounded by a Dyson sphere. To date after 1.7 billion stars checked. The results are 0 found! Our Galaxy has NO Dyson spheres. Still early in the Qwest for Mega-Structure Dyson objects, after all we do have the entire Universe left to scan.

 Vedexent / Falcorian of English Wikipedia
 A Dyson Sphere is a swarm of solar energy collecting robot drone satellites surrounding a Star (sun).
The Following link is a direct pdf download of mission. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1804.08351.pdf
The Gaia satellite boasts two telescopes working in conjunction. European Space Agency

  "With 1.7 billion objects surveyed in the latest data release, Gaia could reveal Dyson spheres that are under construction. By correlating with other infrared observatories, it could even potentially find completed Dyson spheres that were radiating enough energy. At the time of this publication, though, the full suite of data we have indicates exactly zero Dyson spheres in the Milky Way." forbes.com/alien-megastructures-are-missing-from-the-galaxy/#5dbdf6763138

 Credit for pic- www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/287593/are-megastructures-a-mad-idea

2. Extraterrestrial Life & Biology.
New Equation Tallies Odds of Life Beginning "We don't know the mechanism whereby nonlife turns into life, so we have no way of estimating the odds … It may be one in a trillion trillion (it's easy to imagine that), in which case, Earth life may be unique in the observable universe,"
Phosphorus so what !

Phosphorus is the most important element needed to start the formation of life DNA and RNA. Sadly as we look into the stars, signs of Phosphorus are just not there.  The fact is that we have been very lucky in this solar system to be blessed with elements that are essential for life.

   The rest of what is out there is looking more like a endless desert full of barren sand.

    Due to recent Science and Astrophysics it is a serious act of faith to have a belief in Extraterrestrial life anymore.

Quick video of the mathematically probability of life forming by random chance.This equation is set on a perfect planet with a perfect environment to support life. 10 to the 164th probabilty.
A 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance !
Extraterrestrial life in the universe might be rarer than scientists thought; here's why.

A Vital Ingredient For Alien Complex Life Seems to Be Missing From The Universe!
Is there alien life out there? Scientists find SHOCK clue about extraterrestrial life forms. Unfortunately a new study presented at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science meeting in Liverpool suggests that the universe significantly lacks this building block of life.

3. Extraterrestrial Life & Science.
Great scientific book on how rare, unique, and special Earth is and its implications for those who look to the heavens for companionship.
One in 700 Quintillion: Exoplanet Study Confirms Earth's Exceptionalism  One in 700 quintillion is “a fairly lucky hand,” a “mild statistical anomaly”? As Scharping points out, that is one in seven zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero.  Statistically speaking, “Earth perhaps shouldn’t exist.”
 "A new study suggests that there are around 700 quintillion planets in the universe, but only one like Earth. It’s a revelation that’s both beautiful and terrifying at the same time".

Astrophysicist Erik Zackrisson from Uppsala University in Sweden arrived at this staggering figure — a 7 followed by 20 zeros  — with the aid of a super computer model that simulated the universe’s evolution following the Big Bang.
Phys.org reports A 40 year alien WOW signal mystery has just been solved. In 1977 a radio dish located in Columbus Ohio received a signal. For 40 years this was the best space evidence of Alien contact.
EarthSky.org  WOW signal solved. Astrophysicists raise 20,000 dollars to buy radio telescope. Not allowed to use any current dish by SETI. Good story.
  The WOW signal has been proven to be a EXACT match of two undiscovered comets from back in 1977. The astrophysicists who took on this scientific endeavor where denied access to any Radio Dish by several organizations.

  They started a funding drive and raised 20,000 dollars to buy their own radio Dish. Time was ticking because the comets where on a return path that would not be repeated soon. Solved after 40 years !
futurism.com     Spoiler Alert: Hundreds of Stars Have “Strange, Alien Signals”
That doesn't mean it's aliens. Fact is space is full of natural occurring radio wave emissions.
FRB 121101: Have Scientists Solved the Mystery of Repeating Radio Signals From Deep Space?

Fast Radio Bursts solved! A FRB from within our own galaxy that could reach other galaxies has been pinpointed to have originated from a active Magnetar known as SGR 1935+2154 .
  The universe has a natural clock the Pulsar. Once thought to be extraterrestrial radio emissions in the 60s. The Pulsars also share their name with one of the worlds finest and first digital watches the Sieko Pulsar watch. Pulsars produce radio wave bursts at regular intervals. !
Circleville, Ohio
  Pulsars keep near perfect time, enough so that they are the universes best time keepers over well time, over several decades or more.
  A star that keeps near perfect time cool.
   A crash course on how some Neutron Stars turn into nature's near perfect clocks Pulsars. Radio Astronomers receive signals from natural clocks called Pulsars.
 What keeps better time than any clock on Earth ?
NASA Invisible matter makes up 95 percent of the Universe. This invisible matter is well invisible but is the missing force holding it all together.
  Scientists at NASA are looking for the missing 95 percent of the universe. The math does not add up for the expansion of the universe accelerating more in our current time then as in the past. They believe an invisible force is controlling the universe.

  Its called the invisible and undetectable Dark Energy and Dark Matter. This is not to be confused with the God particle that is also invisible but detectable for a mili second .

space.com All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4 percent of the universe. The other 96 percent is made of stuff astronomers can't see, detect or even comprehend.

 A new scholarly paper has raised suspicions in boffinry circles as to whether the breakthrough discovery by CERN was indeed the fabled, applecart-busting Higgs boson.
"The current data is not precise enough to determine exactly what the particle is. It could be a number of other known particles", says Mads Toudal Frandsen.


https://arxiv.org/abs/1806.02404 Dissolving the Fermi Paradox

" ....based on what we know – that humanity is most likely the only intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy at present."

"During Elizondo's tenure at AATIP, observers reported UFOs flying at hypersonic speeds — more than five times the speed of sound. Yet there were none of the signatures that usually accompany aircraft flying at such fantastic speeds, such as sonic booms, he said."
"while many astonishing UFOs still defied explanation, there simply isn't enough evidence to suggest they belonged to extraterrestrials, Elizondo added."

"Watson’s model suggests an upper limit for the probability of each step occurring is 10 per cent or less, so the chances of intelligent life emerging is low — less than 0.01 per cent over four billion years."

.You are very extraordinary!---> Read the Secret message!

Space was once a black empty canvas of nothing. A dark void of eternity awaiting the beginning by the supreme artist of creation who signs his work as " I Am". This universe is now a Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa of matter.  A universe designed and engineered to show how unique and special we truly are. In a bleak desert of endless barren sand, in a vast ocean of twinkling stars, in all the Universe there is but one Earth. A very sobering revelation of thought.

   Believe this! God could have created this entire universe and filled it with life at every star system thus making his version of a utopian Star Trek. I like what it appears God has done instead, God has made a universe as vast, powerful, and majestic as the creator. Instead of putting all that life scattered everywhere it is all here for us to enjoy. We can go 800 fathoms deep in the sea, drill under a mile thick ice at the south pole in one of over 400 hidden Lake Vostoks, even look through an electron microscope and find life. God shows us his love in the life here on Earth and the endless stars in all their glory , all a gift from God for us to explore, study , and enjoy !